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    ambian or ambiam

    Anyone ever tried the sleeping pill Ambian or ambiam. This friend of mine just got some from the doc and she loves the stuff. She said it will you knock you out. She said that she doesnt need as much sleep when taking it becuase it puts her into such a deep sleep and when you wake up in the am your not sluugish at all. She is refreshed and energized ready to go. This would be perfct when on a cycle espically when on stimulants and stuff( eca and clen ) She gave me 4 pills and I am gong to take some t try them out I will let you know how it is.

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    I had to use those after my motorcycle accident, actually it was percocet along with the ambien. But yes puts you to sleep fast and you awake very refreshed.


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    i agree, used them myself, and had ok results. you do feel better the next morning, especially if you dont sleep well to start with. you will see marked improvement.

    peace bb79

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