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Thread: Danabol!

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    Has anyone seen the Dianabol that I am using and if so what is your opinion of it?

    The stuff that i am using is called Danabol, it comes in 10mg strength, the tablets are blue and shape like a little heart.

    First off, I've just started using them and I am getting the syptoms associatted with Dianabol so i know they are legit.
    I just wanted someones opinion. They come in a white tub with blue label and there are 500 tablets in the tub.

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    I haven't had the opportunity to use them myself but I hear nothing but good things about them from EVERYONE who has.

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    the only 10mgs that I know of are the tokkyyo ones. But I'm not sure of what color or shape.

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    um im using the 10mg from tokkyyo but they are pink and octagon shaped

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