I know ive posted that im gonna start my cycle soon , but I took too much time off during winter break and Im waiting to get back in shape.
Here is my plan one more time for any tips or modifications.

weeks 1-5 russian dbol - 30mg ED (I have 200 total)
weeks 1 ttokkyo sus250 - 250mg, weeks 2-8 500mg (i have three 5ml bottles)

weeks 1-10 - deca 400mg (I have one ttokyo300mg bottle and one brovel 200mg bottle)

weeks 8-12 winstrol - 50mg/EOD (i have a 20ml bottle anabolic st.)

weeks 13 "day 1" 300mg of clomid
weeks 13 "day 2-7" 100mg of clomid
weeks 14 100mg of clomid ED
weeks 15 50 mg of clomid ED

weeks 1-12 25mg of proviron ED

I have nolvadex on hand.

I have spiropent to incorporate in my post cycle therapy but would like advice on how to to use it with this type of cycle.

I was gonna do the 2week on 2week off with ECA in between , but how many pills do i need to take for my body weight?And how should i split it up throught the day?

I was planning on 5 pills a day slit up through the day. I would also taper up and down through out the 2 weeks.What week should I begin the clen intake?

I will take the dbol with cranberry juice and take milk thistle and cranberry extract through the dbol.I plan to drink a gallon of water a day.

I will shoot the sus and deca twice a week. im just afraid since is ttokkyo , its gonna hurt.

Ill also take this time to plan an appropriate diet and exercise routine. The first part of the cycle ill bulk up, then towards the end ill try to cut up a bit w/ the clen and winnie.

Also ill give u guys my profile. I weigh 163. im 22 years of age. Ive taken 3 moderate cycles. I took 10cc's of cypionate when i was 17 took 10cc's of duratest when i was 18, and took 10cc's of deca 300 with 10 cc's of enanthate about 18 weeks ago.
I gained decent weight off those, but since i wrestled my weight was always up and down. Not anymore though THANK GOD.

Anything else im missing please tell me . I really want to see some good results.Questions comments concerns.