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Thread: Dbol????

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    Question Dbol????

    I am a semi-pro athlete, who has been talked into trying a 6week cycle of dbol . I have always wanted to stay natural but as most of us know if you want to be the best that time has past. Anyway, I did one three week cycle and my strenght increase was really awesome. I did creatin and Kynoselen for two weeks and i am about to start on 15mg dbol 3 weeks again. I am amazed at the things my body is capable of doing now. My prefomances are totally incredible. My question is, should i space out my dosage during the day or do like i have been doing and take them all at once about 30min before practice? Also, I have been taking 800mg of milk thistle in caps at the same time i take the dbol. I this the right way to take it and the right mg?


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    Welcome to the board erik.
    Up the d-ball to 30mg/day bro.I like to take 1000mg-1500mg/day of milk thisle while on 17-aa orals.
    Twice a day would be just fine at 15mg each time.. You should consider using some other AS with d-ball i amnot sure if you get drug tested but i would recomend EQ/d-ball stack. Do you take clomid or HCG after your cycle?????

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    Some kind of padded room...wearing some kinda white jacket...can't!
    Definately stack if you can

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    id definetely throw some test in as well

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    I too started on Dianabol alone and had some awesome gains. I personally would drop the creatine and replace it with calcium!! Make sure that you are taking all of your multi vits.

    The guys are right though, you need to up the doseage and spead it out through the day. I would go upto a maximum of 40mg spread over the day and introduce some Test Propionate or test undeconoate. These 2 test are only detectable for 14 and 7 days respectivly and will help you keep all the gains that you now have. Secondly you will notice that your training will go through the roof!

    Good luck

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