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    Post Cycle Workout Changes??

    I'm currently in week 5 of a 6 week cycle(First ever cycle) of Primateston and Cypionate . Here's how the cycle looked:

    Week 1: 500mg of Primatest
    Week 2-4: 500mg of Test and 400mg of Cypionate
    Week 5: 500mg of Test
    Week 6: 250mg of Test

    I also have 15 Clomid 50mg. I'm planning on starting that around the middle of week 7.

    I need to know how to change up my workout....Any input would be appreciated.

    BTW-I'm headed to the Bahamas March 15-24 so I want to look good.

    I'm 5'6'', 182lbs up from 165, 21years old, BF is around 13-15%


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    that was a pretty short cycle bro. just reduce your intesity and lower the weight a little. you will need more clomid.

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    That is a short cycle. Also, no real need to taper unless it's suspension or prop. Get 15 more clomid pills. How were the results?

    when i got off. . .i went from 5-6 days a week (one bodypart a day), to 4 days a week (two bodyparts a day). Seemed to work well, I gained 7 lbs in a month after i got done with clomid.

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