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Thread: fina/cyp

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    i am currently running a cycle of cyp and fina. i have been on the fina for four weeks and on the cyp for 2 weeks. i am taking 100 mgs of fina every other day and 400 mgs of cyp every 5 days. i gained 7 lbs the first three weeks. i have 6 weeks remaining. considering i eat right how much more should i expect to gain

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    Too many variables bro, we cannot tell you how much weight you will gain on a cycle, everyone is different.

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    I don't even go by bodyweight anymore, I judge by how I look & how my clothes fit. I'm on week 7 of fina, enanthate & winny...gonna run it for 12 weeks. You will be very happy as long as you keep the diet tight & the training heavy.

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