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    Exclamation Need some professional advice!!!!!!!

    First, i cant express enough how awesome this sight is!!!!!! I am very new member and wanted to ask a couple ?'s. I am starting my first cycle of "test 400", i was just wondering if anybody can help me out with how to go about keeping my gains. I heard Clomid and i know there is some others, i just cant get my hands on any. If you have any other info about t400 please through em' at me.

    I was also wandering if anyone has heard of the legal supplement called "t100" by SAN. I read about it in the MD magazine and was wandering if anyone can fill me in! It is not available in stores and is suppose to be EXTREMELY close to AS.


    THIS SITE FU#$*N RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Dont start your cycle before you have clomid or armidex , nolvadex in you hands !
    I cant stress this enough bro .
    good luck man

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    If you want to keep your gains what RC said. As far as any of the OTC stuff, don't waste your money. The only thing close to AS is a another AS.

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    t100 is junk...T400 is a painful inject, u should probably mix it with Deca or EQ.

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    Mike Guest
    well i wrote a post on T400 a while back you should look up - I dont like the stuff. If you want to use it then cool but I dont recommend it for your first cycle. And toss the OTC stuff.

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