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Thread: Acne question

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    Acne question

    Ok i'm about to start my cycle in 3 week.
    My skin is in perfect condition meanning no acne at all and i already did a 8 week cycle of eq and nothing no acne came
    My friend did a cycle and acne went on is face and his back.
    I guess that is the down fall...but could it not appear? Can you do a cycle and not have acne?
    or everybody's different?
    Can you take something to lower the acne level...if yes what?

    Thank you and this would help alot.

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    Everybodys different. If your prone to acne then you obviously have a better chance of getting it.
    If you do start to get it. Hit the tanning bed and make sure u scrub your back w/ a anti bacterial soap. If it persist's go see a Dr.


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    I talked to my dermatologist about this. Acne is a result of an imbalance in the bacteria's on your face. Your skin is loaded with billions of micro-organisms. As you sweat, dirt and oil get trapped in the pores, creating a perfect environment for certain types of bacteria. If you use anti-bacterial soap you kill that bacteria, but you also kill the bacteria on your face that you need. Anotherwords the best thing to do for acne is...
    1. use dove or some other type of product instead of soap.
    2. After you workout, take a shower to remove the as much dirt and oil before it sets it.
    3. Use a warm wash cloth on the face once or twice daily to open up the poors and help to pull the dirt and oil out of them.
    For these, don't ask me why, but this is what he told me
    4. Do not consume caffine
    5. Take quick showers

    If acne percists, go to a Dermatologist and ask for Retin A, or Triaz. If acne still percists, ask for Tet-tra-cy-clin (i don't know how to spell it so sound it out), its an antibiotic which works for some people.

    Genetics play a large role in its development. Thats why some people look like a pizza face in high school (used to be me back in the day) and others don't.

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    Anti-Acne Cycle - LOL

    Even at a low dose of Test only, I got acne on week 4-10; and it stayed on my back week 10-15. I found that Retin-A and Oxy pads worked the best. Use the Oxy pads 3 times a day on your face and back. Use the Retin-A on your face (spot treatment). The acne on your face will go away soon, the Retin-A takes off the dead dry skin as well; your back will get dry and the acne will turn to scabs and go away from the Oxy pads alone (seems to take forever!). Wash 3 times a day with anti-bacterial soap.

    I like to use the oxy pads before and after my morning shower (so 4 times per day), the Retin-A after the shower. Wash my face and back in the afternoon or after work and use the Oxy pads. Shower or wash my face before bed and use the oxy pads on face and back and follow with Retin-A on face.

    You can also put Oxy-10 on your back before you go to bed.

    Seems to work for me and even at 36 yrs. old I'm prone to acne from time to time even without juice.

    Also, Nolvadex seems to help but makes it worse at first for me.

    I hope this helps you.

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