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    Important fina question

    I just made a batch of fina yesterday and this morning when i looked at it, there was a big layer of residue on the bottom. It looked like the same stuff that settles to the bottem of the mixing vial before i filtered it. I followed all the directions and left all the sludge at the bottem of the second vial like i was supposed to.
    Is this normal and should i just shake it before use or is it supposed to be clear all the way down. Any info would be helpful. thanx

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    that is exactly what happened to mine. i tried heating it up and refiltering and nothing seemed to work, so i injected it. no good results. try and fix it before you inject it. bump to those who know how

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    Not sure if this is right, but I think that sone people have said to skip the last step of the process.

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    Did the pellets dissolve fully? did you have a filter? who's kit and directions did you use? A's or fina kit?

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    Im making my first fina now ... let the magic and fina sit in a couple of days. Wanna know bout this too so bump this mofo!

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    This is absolutely normal. Don't worry about it.

    Here's what happens:
    The pellets contain methylcellulose (MC). when you convert fina using the kits you will use Benzyl Alcohol, and some other stuff (usu. PPG or PEG or both). The alcohol will oxidize the methylcellulose. Oxidation depends on how long you let the solution sit before you filter; this is why some of the instructions say to filter within an hour or something like that.

    When you perform the filtering steps, you will remove the unoxidized MC, and a small amount of the oxidized MC. However oxidized MC can be solubulized, ie it will go into solution, and thus can't be filtered out. What happens next is you let the vial sit around for awhile. The oxidized MC is very "sticky" and will eventually start flocculating together into clumps. Then, it falls down to the bottom of the vial, creating a sticky goo that stays on the vial.

    This goo is completely harmless. It won't do anything to you, other than perhaps causing some local irritation at the injection site. The goo has a tendency to flake off in little teeny bits when you invert the vial; to counter this, just insert your drawing pin, invert the vial, and wait a little bit until all the chunks settle down beneath the end of the pin. You can also re-filter (using a .45 micron syringe filter) it into another vial to get rid of it, but you don't really need to.

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    I filter mine through a coffee filter & then again through a syringe filter. Comes out perfect everytime!!!

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    Originally posted by jersey juice
    I filter mine through a coffee filter & then again through a syringe filter. Comes out perfect everytime!!!
    I had heated mine to speed up the desolving process. When I filtered with the syringe filter it didnt get out all the sludge. I would suggest to use the coffee filter too.

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    got same problem. How do you use a coffee filter!


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