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    Eq, Test, and????????

    guys im 170lbs, about 12% body fat, 5'9. I m pretty cut but want to harden my muscles and gain size. I don't want to be ridiculously cut up. but I do want to be a little more cut than I already am. Im looking at doin 400eq wk 1-10, 400/500 Test Eth/wk 1-10, and i was going to ethier Fina to get cut up last 6 weeks. I was thinking about throwing in Dbol or just front loading cycle with Prop in the beginning, but I don't want to come out of this cycle less cut than I already am. Suggestions????? And i don't want to you winny b/c its harsh on the hair.

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    Dbol is as toxic as winny. I would go with the Test Prop.

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    dbol is bad on hair often I think too.

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    dboll is alot harsher then winnie,and if ur gonna run fina at the end its a bad idea,thats toxic to the liver but alot more toxic to the kidneys,go with some prop in the begginig ,and do some winnie in the end.

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