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Thread: Deca Question

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    Deca Question

    Can progestin conversion from deca cause the growth plates to close early and stunt growth.

    I'm 19, 5'10, 167lbs and play b-ball, really need some more strenght, size and ability to give me an athletic advantage, i fell i need about 15- 20lbs of lean mass to take it to the next level,Im NOT some stupid kid trying to get big to impress some girls ive done as much research as i can and will continue doing so. Im open to any advice from experienced users on helpfull cycles.

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    Oh yeah.. Hell and AS can stunt your growth for that matter.
    why not take some test for your strength, deca by itself isn't my gear of choice, but put it with some dbol or test, then you got something.

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    As far as I know only Oxandrolone will not affect your growth. Check it out on the drug profile.

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