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Thread: need some help

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    Question need some help

    I am 18 and looking to take steroids , the only thing is that I am anemic, also I take booster shots every month and a blood test every 6 weeks, would I be able to take em since I am anemic and also will they show up on my bloodwork?

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    Bro. You are only 18 at least wait till you're 21. You have a long way to go man. But on some mass naturally. Yeat good and take som supplements and you will be good. You are too young for it man.

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    This site isn't about taking AS bro, it's LEARNING about AS. And if you've been reading this board before joining, the first thing you should have learned is your too young to start AS. If your small because of complications with your anemia, doing AS without knowing anything about them could do a hella lot more harm!!! When you go for your booster shot, ask the doc what type of workout program and diet you should do. And when you find out, keep READING THIS BOARD!!!

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