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    Question One cycle or two need help?

    I have enough sustanon 250, Equipoise and winstrol to run a ten week cycle. I want to know is better to run one or two cycles. I could run one cycle using 500mg sustanon, 400mg EQ and 50mg winny eod for 10 weeks. Or I could run two separate cycles 12 weeks apart the first being a straight Sustanon cycle followed by a second cycle of EQ/winny. My thought on two cycles over one is I could consentrate on bulking during the Sustanon cycle followed by a cutting phase in the 12 weeks off And then run a building cycle of EQ/winny with less water retention.

    My stats are I'm 5ft 11" about 175lb and 14% body fat and 38 yr old. I have been training natural on and off for 20 years hard for the last 2 yr. I have only run two 8 week cycles in of Winsrtol V in the past. I lost body fat and gained about 6 lb of lean muscle on each cycle. I'm looking to add lean mass and reduce body fat. Currently I'm cutting and hope to be 10% body fat before I cycle.

    Vet's and Mod's please let me know what your thoughts are I can uses the help

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    500 sust is plenty to grow on.

    Then save the EQ and Winny for cutting, good idea.

    Bulk, then strip the fat away to unmask the newly attained muscle.

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    If you decide to run the sus alone, get some dbol for the first 4 weeks.

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