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    Proper punch form

    I am not a boxer or fighter, but I am getting interested in it. I was just wondering if their was any proper form for punches. Like if a target is directly in front of you, what type of form and from what direction, do you procede to punch?

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    jesus, i'm at a gasp for words - you've basically just asked us to type out the entire basics of boxing

    well i can't really type out the proper punching form, it's really a both a science and an art, just make sure your using your back, keeping your guard up, and don't lose your balance

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    have you ever heard the term.. punch through the target.. that is about 6-8" past the point of impact... rotate the hips. lean in..

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    As cheesey as it may sound to those that haven't read it, Tao of Jeet Kune Do has probably the best explanation/philosophy of striking I've ever heard/read

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    You guys heard of the old philosophy " must first understand, it is like one hand clapping...." that to some who understand is all there is to know about punching....

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