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Thread: Judoka

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    Anyone here do judo?

    What type of weight training do you use?

    Ever use the kettlebell, I'm going to give it a try but need more info on how to train with them.


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    I do Judo AND kickboxing, I've never used the kettlebell and most of my weight training is just regular routines, nothing special. for more info checkout it has a great forum too. has some great advice also, but the board is verging on elitefitness. standards so your going to have to wade through the sh|t to get to the good bits.

    Oh, I see your a new member so, 'a thousend welcomes my friend'.

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    Fellow judoka here aswell. I use basic traning also, nothing fancy.

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    Here's what my week looks like during the summer.

    Mondays - 2 hours of judo.

    Tuesdays - Full contact karate for 3 hours.

    One arm jerk press 3x5 (both sides)
    Two arm overhead squat 2x4 (I love these things!)
    Windmill 5x1 and/or Turkish get ups 5x1 (both sides)
    One arm swings 2x25

    Jujitsu, newaza.

    Barbell curls and/or pull-ups 5x5

    After reading and doing research, I was sold on the ideas behind kettlebell lifting. Not so much the bell itself, but the 'more often' idea behind using kettlebells. Most KB's lifting is done 4x a week, I just don't have the time with the extra training. BJJ'ers are starting to use them now, I've found programs/lifts/games for judoka as well.

    Here's a few links for anyone interested in pure core power training.
    BJJ connection:
    KB's at a good price:

    So, what do you think?

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    I am a Ikkyu (third level brown belt) in Judo... Junior Olypic Silver Medalist...
    I too, do kettle Bell Drills, and I got a great rubberband from Andre Brennor
    AB Using this rubber band my Judo/Jujistu game skyrocketed!!!
    I also do 3-5 days weight training... I don't allways Isolate spacific muscles, I try to make my neuro-muscular recruting smarter/stronger by using several muscles to compleate setts... (IE: letting low back and legs come into play when doing a seated row!) Bodybuilders will give you dirty looks when they see you in the Gym doing this, but let them step on to the Tatame with you an see who is truly stronger!

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