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    Hybrid: Grappling, Striking, Perfomance Enhancement

    Originaliy the intent of the UFC was to prove which discipline of MA was the best in a NHB fight. Much more than was expected came out of the original UFC. MA made a quantam leap. Rules that had been held for thousands of years were broken. Fighters from different combat sports began working together to create a hybrid of grappling, submissions fighting, and striking.
    Another recent development has been the addition of performance enhancing weight training, nutrition and supplementation. I am an experienced NPC bodybuilder who has been working with MMA fighters on this aspect of their training. Although the nutritional/supplement/training programs are much different for bodybuilders and fighters, the same physiological laws apply. Any fighters looking to add my expertise to their training shoud contact me to discuss this topic further

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    I've been doing Pancrase/grappling for 4 years.
    I need a routine to train my legs.

    I want to power my legs up.
    I think it will give me a competetive advantage.

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