Was at the gym yesterday (lats,bi's) and after I was done with my workout I decided to play around with the small amount of boxing equipment my gym has and I was playing around with the speedbag and another thing were there's a line with a ball in the middle and the other punching bags..... What's the point of the speedbag rhythm?????? And how do you do that thing right because I looked like a joke trying to do that as it was my 1st time.... same thing with the line with a ball in the middle.... What's the point of doing both of them? I've never been a person of that great hand eye cordination and normaly if I'm too get in fights I'm all about slams ie picking you up and slaming you... I spar with my friends and I'm great at blocking punches and I can throw punches good too but could some1 tell me how to use these properly? Because I guess I can fool around with this stuff after my workouts.