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    amature cage fighting/ufc?

    alright me and a few buddies of mine have always enjoye putting on the gloves and going at it with other friends a complete srtangers. and were always down for a good ole street brawl. my question is... does anyone know of any amature mma ufc or other cage fighting organizatios to get into? the whole point being none of us have any sort of style of fighting or any training in any particular martial arts. so it would be interesting to get into the ring with someone of similar abilities instead of some roided up guy thats been martial arts fighting for like 10 years. any informative info would help thanks

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    Go to a local fight school, bjj, muay thai etc..

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdtr
    Go to a local fight school, bjj, muay thai etc..

    About sum's it up. Not rocket science really!.

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