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Thread: Workout Music

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    Workout Music

    A good song always helps me get in the zone .
    I love to workout with some heavy jams blasting.
    The problem is I cant find any more good stuff to listen too and the same songs are getting played out.
    So if any one wants to chip in that would be great.
    No hip hop please!

    My favorites are:
    Drowning Pool: Bodies
    Any Metallica: I have played them all to death (the whole black album, king nothing, battery, blackened..ect ect)
    Limp Bizcut: Rollin
    Godsmack: played that all out to
    Rage Against the Machine: most of their songs (sleep now in the fire, pocket full of shells, guerilla radio, renegades of funk, killing in the name of)
    Rob Zombie: I like him but only headr like 5 of his songs, favorites are Dragula, more human than human.
    Oh Ya and Eye of the Tiger..whahahaha

    Im lookin for something hard hitting, that will get you psyched, make you wanna break stones on your head you know!
    let me reemphasise none of that hip hop crap where those rappers are showing their stupid teeth and waiving their hands up and down like retards.

    So if you can add to the list it would be much appreciated, and I am sure many people will benefit from this one!

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    look beyond what you see
    Disturbed - Glass Shatters/Down with the sickness/Pray
    Linkin Park - (anything)
    Unloco - Bruises
    Xzhibit - Enemies
    2Pac - Ambitions of a Ridah
    Godsmack - Faceless
    Queens of the Stone Age - Go with the flow

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    Good stuff except I cant stand Lincoln Park
    That guys vouce is so puny.
    2Pac is an exception to the rool.


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    rammstien baby

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    Static x,Mudvayne,Disturbed and Rammstein is about all I listen to anymore.

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