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    Exclamation Damaged Shoulder, MMA and Adequan

    Hey bros, like the title says I damaged my shoulder fighting. I have been out of the gym for 6 weeks and nothing has improved. I ate a lot of kicks there in muay thai and then I couldn't even move it wrestling the next day. Now I have full range of motion but it feels weak. If I swing a bat, punch hard or get hit just right there the pain is debilitating. So for my questions:

    1. I was thinking Adequan would be a good fix (have read up on PSGAG alot)
    2. Or other stuff like PSAG and sodium hydrlonate
    3. Recommend dosages
    4. Experiences

    I have already put in a lot of research, but I would like to take everyone’s opinions and put them in this thread. So all advice is welcome, and thanks for reading my post; not being able to lift for fight
    is KILLING me!!!

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    adequan is supposed to be really good, but u can't get it without prescription from a vet.

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    Did you goto the dr? You may have tore something... I know I hurt my shoulder benching and I couldn't do anything for 4 months, and it still hurts that was 4 years ago. I know in my MMA classes and still when I lift I feel it. When I roll or spar it hurts the next day.
    I'd go to the dr and maybe get an MRI it doesn't get better.


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