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    Unhappy Chris Jericho gone from the wrestling world

    Straight from

    I tought it was weird the way he left WWE RAW and not seeing is name on Smackdown when he lost the your fire match against Cena.

    Here it is straight from is website and if you look at the wwe website Chris is not on either raw or smackdown roster.

    Quit sad to see him leave like that and i really hope to see more of Chris in the futur.


    I eventually had my first match on Oct 2, 1990 in Ponoka, AlbertaÖ.and on August 22, 2005 in Hampton, Virginia, I had my last match.

    For now.

    Yes itís true. After months of speculation and rumors and numerous decoys and red herrings being thrown about, the official news from the boss man (me) is that I am leaving the WWE.

    For how long I do not know.

    But I do know many things.

    I know that after 15 years of full time wrestling, I need a break. I need to recuperate both physically and especially mentally. Iíve been very fortunate to never have missed an inordinate amount of time due to injury. I broke my arm in 1994 and missed 7 weeks as a result, but other than that, Iíve never missed a show. NEVER.

    While that may be a testament to my durability, intelligence and/or stupidity, itís actually worked against me over the past few years. While those who have suffered injuries have been able to spend the time to heal physically and more importantly have had the time to refresh mentally, Iíve never had that time to do soÖand thatís a problem.

    People ask me all the time how they can make it in the wrestling biz. Let the Dali Jericho enlighten you allÖ

    The secret to making it in wrestling lies in your head, not your body.

    You see, it doesnít matter how big, how good looking, how ugly you are, or how many flips you can do. Itís all about having a strong personality and making people connect with your character. Making them care. Making them feel. Making them laugh. Making them cry. Making them believe.

    In order to do that, you have to be 100% into what you are doing. You have to believe what you are selling to the people. You have to give 100% of your physical being and more importantly, %100 of your mental being to make it work.

    Having said that, thatís why I need to take a break from this business to recharge the old batteries as I donít have the same mindset for it that I once did.

    There are 2 reasons for that.

    1.After doing it for 15 years, I am mentally burned out.

    2.I am a goal oriented person who thrives on a challenge and Iím not challenged by wrestling at this point in time.

    A big reason for that is the fact that Iíve already accomplished everything Iíve ever wanted to accomplish in this business and so much more

    You see, when I left Winnipeg (my hometown no matter what the WWE may say) at the age of 19 to move to Calgary to train, all I wanted to do was to someday be a wrestler on TV and maybeÖ.just maybe, someday be the WWF Intercontinental champion. I used to have dreams of my name being up on my high schoolís sign board (Westwood Collegiate represent yo!) sayingÖ

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    Yeah that blows. It's true that he was getting a bit stale, which I hate to say, but they were just running out of things to do with him. A big part is that he HAS been with WWE for so long without any kind of absence, and the fact is that you eventually get taken for granted and there's no more excitement for the character. Triple H needed the absence (that quad injury was a blessing in disguise) and now he's gone again b/c they could tell most people were getting bored with him. Even Shawn Michaels needed it. Vince should realize that these guys shouldn't be in the spotlight too long b/c it only hurts them in the long run.

    He's an amazing athlete (even with those love handles LOL), and I hope he takes a nice long break, maybe a year or more, and comes back fresh and re-invigorated. The fans will eat him up after that, and so will I.

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