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    MMA and Steroids

    I have been considering training in Kickboxing ang grappling recently to take my fights off of the street and into the ring. I was wondering how often if at all drug testing is done for AAS in MMA and NHB fighting?

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    Not quit sure about the testing but what i know is that they are getting dead serious on the steroid cases.

    In baseball and now in football. I dont know if you do local shows if they will test you i doubt it cause a steroid test is expensive.

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    A couple of pros have been stripped of there titles in the UFC over the last couple years, I know Pride tests too, as far as small shows I haven't heard of anyone testing. Good luck. What weight are you thinking of fighting at?

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    NSAC (which controls UFCs vegas events) has mandatory testing for title fights and main events, random for others. the UFC standard contract includes a drug test with the physical (but is not always enforced).

    in the club fights/local shows, the testing fee would be bigger than the purse, so they don't bother.

    no testing/bullshit testing in Pride. when NSAC does it, you piss immediately following the fight (and sometimes beforehand too), so you can't even reverse catheter. and they hold your hand while you do it...NSAC ain't fooling around.

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    If you are only considering training, you will probably have to train for at least 2 years before you could even dream of competing at a level that would require testing(assuming you havent been training in another art). So might as well juice up while you're training, and then stop when competition is within reason. Like mma said, competition with other local schools and regional competitions arent gonna test you, but in the professional world, they sure will.

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    they dont really stress testin cuz i know alot of fighters who juice n havnt got tested

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