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    I'm getting really tired of these MMA companies.

    Here's my other thread:

    Just watched K-1 Fighting, won't watch again

    I decided to watch KOTC in HD and give it a shot. Now I'm just as frustrated with KOTC as I was with K-1.

    First match I watched. Two middleweights and it went 2 rounds. 1st round one guy won it. 2nd round the other guy pinned his opponent and beat the crap out of him, forcing the ref to stop the fight. Decision? A draw. A draw! According to their rules they go only by point scoring, so since each fighter won a round, it was called a draw. What kinda F'd up rules are these?

    UFC has gone downhill since I first started watching it, but it seems UFC has the only sensible rules anymore, so I'll be sticking it out with them. Ridiculous.

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    gachamann you need to understand that KOTC is very second grade, some of there dvds are very good, but some of them are really bad.

    I used to be like you, i bought every MMA dvd out there end just ended up being frustrated has well.

    Now i have more knowlege of the fighters, there backround and all i can tell you that its been a while since i even tought of buying a KOTC dvd.

    UFC next card will be sure to please its a very solid card and of course you cannot go wrong with Pride.

    Stick with theses 2 and you will be ok.

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