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    UFC 58 Rumors: Horn vs Marquardt

    Apparently Marquardt 6 month suspension comes to an end by then... thus the card looks like this...

    - Rich Franklin vs David Loiseau
    - Tito Ortiz vs Forrest Griffin
    - BJ Penn vs Georges St.Piere (number one contender match)
    - Karo Parisyan vs Matt Hughes
    - Jeremy Horn vs. Nathan Marquardt

    With a card like this tito vs griffen should be thrown in the pre-lims. I can't wait till march.

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    I really hope if its true Marquardt beats Horn. Horn is a good fighter and a ground wizard but a much better trainer then fighter. Matt Hughes said he learned 90% of everything he knows from Horn. He should have stayed at MF camp I think

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    - BJ Penn vs Georges St.Piere (number one contender match)

    THis is pure shit right there, why in the hell doesnt St-pierre have is rematch hasnt he shown enough????????

    The card looks great with some great fights of course i am wondering why Parysian is getting the shot, Sherk beat him twice in is career and St-Pierre beat him has well.

    Penn is coming back in UFC, he should have fought Parysian for is comback and not get a first place title.

    At least Loiseau got is shot at Franklin.

    Hope that Ortiz gives us better fights then he did before he left.

    Before Horn fought Liddell he trained like an animal quit inspiring, sad he lost that fight would have my interest has well, i do not know nothing about Marquardt expect that he is a pancraze guy.

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