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    Disappointed with Shockwave!!

    I must say I was disappointed they cut out 5 FIGHTS!!! That def sucked.....the order they showed the fights sucked. I wanted to see Fedor's entrance. The hunt-cro cop fight was awesome and hunt is becoming legendary with that chin of his. I wanted to see Aleks-Nastula fight I wanted to see kondo-nakamura fight. Trigg did a pretty good job with commentary....although i could've done without the post fight speeches that werent even in English and couldnt be translated, as well as Takada in his underwear beating drums. that def sucked.

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    Takada is learing to be a man LOL he use to be one hell of a fighter in pancrase but never did nothing in Pride.

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    Yah the K-1 Yamamoto vs Genki fight was bad too dude,

    ref called the fight way to early... poor genki

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