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    Two quick questions.. Please answer

    The two questions, can someome please answer
    1.First off I'm from Chicago and intersted In Sambo.. Anyone know any good schools near me that teach?

    2. second andrei arlovski says he trains in Chicago, Anyone know waht school he trains at in Chicago?

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    search and school locator

    2nd, i dont know search sherdog if you nobody else knows

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    1. u will not find a school that strictly teaches sambo. i'd luv to do sambo again because i did it for almost 10 years back in russia, but unless u find a trainer who is from eastern europe, it's not likely that u'll be studying sambo any time soon. there's a school in lincolnwood, it's called ultimate martial arts, the trainer is romanian and he is a world class sambo specialist. he trained in former soviet union and i know he gives private lessons. if u need any more me...i'm actually thinking about going to see him myself.

    2. andrei trains at POW academy, which is in Greek town. they have a website and i think it's my buddy is one of his boxing coaches so if you'd like private lessons, let me know. the owner of the gym is also head of security at club Rhino. if u ever want to see Andrei and hang out with him, i'd suggest u check that place out on sat. nights.

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