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    Faster than a speeding bullet!

    Superman is flying over metropolis one day and suddenly gets a real horn on. He looks down and sees wonder woman laying naked on the roof of a near by high rise building, her legs are wide open and he can see all he needs to to make the crotch of his pants stretch extreme amounts. He thinks to himself "If I go as fast as I can I can be in and out of her like a speeding bullet, she won't know what the hell happened!".

    He winds himself up and zooms down at his highest speed in and out before she even has time to react and zooms off again leaving no trace.

    Wonder woman sits up and says "What the hell was that?"

    The invisible man answers "I don't know, but my a$$ hurts like hell!"

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    Obviously u seen Hollow Man... That chick on ur pic has a nice butt. lol

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    funny but old.

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    one of my fav jokes

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    to much time on ur hands. lol j/k

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    hey......... 1974 called they want thier joke back..............

    but i do like it........... that's when i heard it the 1st time............
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    The invisible man will heal fast. He has great nutrition, a work-out program, and he sneaks around like a paranoid nut case bringing GEAR/JIUCE/AS into the US because he lacks the courage to change the laws and is too CASH-POOR to educate the public about the HEALTH benefits of AS in the most OBESE, fat, blubber nation on earth-- America. The reason how come the AS INVISIBLE MAN does this is because he wants everyone to think he is natural...

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