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Thread: need some help?

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    need some help?

    I just graduated this past year and was recruited by some d-2 schools but I'm gonna take one year off and just work on school and lift weights. I got recruited by schools around my area (MINN) but I would like to play somewhere on the east coast. Which not any schools over their have ever even heard of me. My question is do I just enrolle in school and then tryout or what. If so whats a good d-3 school that would be easy to make. I am a QB all-region,state paper athlete of the year,mvp senior season,got a good arm and good enough speed to run the option. I read some of the past post you guys seem like you know what your talking about. any info would be great

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    check your PM's bro


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    you need to check with some coaches out here on the EC and see what ur option are. If I were u I would definatley not take a year off. Just beacuse Everyone will be a year ahead of you in their football skills, knowledge and conditioning. I would just got to the school that is recruiting u and if u don't like it transfer. Thats what I did. anyway if u need any more help just ask. Hope things go well w/ ur situation.

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    Dont take a year off man and from the way u sound I think u would
    do good in a naia school and they have pretty lose testing.

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