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    Question Any juice left in these legs...

    I'm 25 yrs of age, in the military and I'm thinking about attending the local college here as a full-time student so that I can take advantage of what time I have left in this young body to participate in track and field once more.

    As a high school sprinter from a small 2A school, the training that I did receive was vague, for example EVERYONE had the same workout. No one was ever trained specifically for that event that he was to compete in. This only came about in my senior year after the head football coach had taken over the track team after our former track coach had resigned, might I add he was a hell of a coach.

    I ran the 100m with a personal best around 10.9 also tried the 200m with a time around the high 22sec mark and of course I did the 4x100 and 4x400 and sometimes the 400m with a best of only around 51 secs. Like I said, I would run whatever coach felt like throwing me in.

    Its been almost 8 yrs since I've competed let alone trained. At the time I was 5'8" 160lbs medium build. Now Iím weighting in at 175lbs and Iíll be honest the extra weight sure as hell isnít muscle. I have a goal set if I am to be worthy of be looked at during my attempt to establish myself as a sprinter worthy enough to walk-on into this college. Iím a lot stronger in the upper body now that I ever was in high school while bench pressing only 235lbs, I have increased that to nearly 300lbs in my older years. So that in some aspect has given me hope. With the proper training I'd like to be at least below 10.7 in the 100m and high 21's in the 200m. Though this may seem far fetched, I have to start a goal somewhere and I rather have one set to high rather than to low.

    I'm running and I'm dieting while taking 100% whey protein as a supplement and I'm taking glucosamine tablets to lube these old joints back up. I've been pretty much straight forward with you and I desperately seek advice. Next week I break off from running 3-4 miles daily to 1 1/2 miles for warm up and hitting the weights. I have until next summer to meet these goals and I know this requires a lot of self discipline especially without a coach or training partner...what advice or help can you give me? Also not knocking this place but what other track and field forums do some of you find to be useful?

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    If you just want to compete for the thrills, then go for it, but anything more than that you're just too late for.

    I don't blame you for looking elsewhere, I wouldn't take 99% of the sports specific info here.

    Check out the sports specific Q&A at
    Also check out the forums.

    There a couple other sites, but I'm drawing blank right now.

    Good Luck in your endeavors.
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