I would like to know what would be the best cycle for an 26 yo athlete for pure conditioning for short (100m) sprints, lateral movement, acceleration developement, He will have alot of running and backpedals during the cycle, so can not have a decrease in endurance from the cycle. There is absolutely NO drug testing
Some increase in mass is fine as long as there is no water retention. The tendons must stay strong, and I need him to have a super agressive workout attitude. We have a good supply of oral winstrol , depo test, anavar , oral T,
HGH, HCG and Nolva and would like to use some combination of those.....but we can get anything else if necessary. I was leaning towards depo test and anavar but need to know what would be the best for increased strength without hurting the endurance during hard workouts(stadium stairs, resisted sprints, etc)