I would post this in the football forum but doesnt seem like the responses are as quick. Im trying to put together a workout and just wanted to tell you guys the information i have so i can alter or change my workout to be more beneficial. Anyways here are 4 questions that i have.

Question 1: How many days a week to run hard? I was doing 5 days a week of hard speed training but it seemed like too much. What do you guys recommend? Also i have overspeed pulleys, sidewinders, resistance stuff that im going to use. As of right now i was going to split running into 2 week programs, where 2 weeks ill do overspeed stuff, then 2 weeks ill do resistance running then 2 weeks normal running. Let me know what you guys think. Im also worried about working my legs too hard so let me know proper amount.

Question 2: Lifting was being done 4 days a week, monday i would do hang clean and hang snatch, thursday power clean power snatch and some other things. Tuesday and friday i bench and do leg press. Also Tuesday and thursday i do lunges. What other workouts do i need to put into my lifting so i can gain speed and explosion from lifting?

Question 3: Plyometrics. I do plyos every time that i lift, but shuold i do them on the days i run? Usually i run then 20 minutes later i lift so im pretty much warmed up. On these days do i need to do plyo's also? I do things like box jumps and jumprope for plyos, and also play with medicine balls and do different throws with my hips.

Question 4: Swimming, running in the pool. I want to start swimming again and running in the pool and doing agilities in the pool. I would do this after my lift so my lift didnt suffer. Now here is the questions... Does running in the pool count as a day of running? When i swim and run in the pool do i need the same type of days rest so my legs dont suffer. Let me know how much pool running is good and if it shuld be on the days im resting or on the days that im working out and count it as a sprint workout....

Thanks in advance, if you need questions about me to answer some questions please feel free.