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    baseball in NY..lookin to get on new team

    Hey whats up guys? anybody play ball in the tri-state area?? i've played in the bronx for the corona park and the roberto clemente spanish leagues, i've also played been asked to try out for the renegades but i neglected to do so b/c my coach at the time had some connections..but now i want to get on another team...i'm 22 6'1 pitcher throw 89-92 mph thanks guys

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    this is probably not the best place to get hooked up on a team. Try

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    The best thing for you to start contacting organizations, meaning pro oganizatinos if you thats where you want to play..go to each teams site and call the Farm Director and tell him who you are and that you are a free agent looking for a never know...But unfortunatley the road is going to be tough. If this doesn't work..try contacting some independent leagues

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    best way to go is through the independent leagues. The Atlantic League has teams in your area, and I think the Northern League does as well. Sounds like you have some decent stuff, but those leagues will be extremely difficult to get a look from. They are a minimum of AA caliber ball with the Atlantic League being AAA quality ball. I know the Northern League has open tryouts. If there is a team near you your best bet would be to contact the front office of the team and see if you can get a personal workout. I dont think the Atlantic league has an open tryout, so your best shot would be to contact a team and the GM and see if you can win a spot.

    BUT, like I said before those leagues are legit. Most people think independent leagues and think it is crap, but not those leagues, awesome competition. There are a=other indy leagues liike the frontier league that you would have a better shot with, but they arent local.

    Good luck.

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    To bad, if you were 25 then I would hook you up on my team. I play for the MSBL/MABL in Long Island, great competion an dthe fields are awesome.

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