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    HIL-AR-IOUS ESPN Article on steriod use and Homerun record!

    I got a huge chucle out of this it.

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    the drug store
    McGwire should be king....

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    Thats too funny, anyone who scored over 45 homeruns was cheating. If they scored higher then that they cheat. Android for mcguire, thats to funny. He was a cyborg dont they know this.

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    There never was an EVEN playing ground, and there never will be in my op. Someone will always find an edge; Genetically or technologicaly.

    So concluding this, does this mean we should stop all records?
    No, just know that "see previous thought"


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    totally agree syndicate

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    It makes no difference whatsoever, you are either genetically gifted, or you are drug enhanced, its no question that it is unfair one way or another.

    The media will literally hypnotize us all into second guessing how much juice there is in sports. 6 months from now they will have 99% of people convinced that it was only a few people all along that used them.

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    There are alot of facts that make baseball unfair. Nothing is fair in life, haven't people figured that out yet. Also, there are many other professional sports where people use juice. They just haven't really found out about anyone legitiment to say anything. I think TO was on them while he was out. He looked a ton stronger when he returned from his ankle injury. I have heard some other people say that, including sports columnists from around my area

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