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    anyone here coach basketball?

    if so what are your favorite defenses to have your players use? hell even if you dont coach, what are your favorite defenses?

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    I am an assistant with a strong high school program, the coach is planning on me taking over in a few years.

    At the high school level, we go "box and 1" a lot as most teams we play only have one big scorer.

    I am partial to the Syracuse zone, but you have to have athletic personal and a shot blocker to do it right. The mens team I play on uses it with good success.

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    Not coaching right now, have coached in the past. It really depends on what kind of team we are playing. What the age range of the kids are. etc. Unless there is a need for something like a box and 1, we would switch between man to man and either 3 and 2 if its a shooting team or 2 and 3 if its not.

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