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    Just back from Mexico

    I just got back from mexico and picked up some deca . All I could get was enough for 200mg/week for 4 weeks. I also got 2000mg of clomid and 1000mg of nolvadex . I'm looking to get another steroid to go with the deca, but the only advice I've read is to take it with one of the testosterones. I play d-line. I wasn't really looking to gain much weight, maybe 5-10 pounds. I really just want to get stronger and leaner. It seems like the deca testosterone combination puts on a lot of mass. For someone like me just trying to get strength gains and not too much mass, how much more deca do I need and how much longer should I run it for. Also what other drug should I pair it with. When would it be best to take this cycle? In the summer or as soon as possible? This is my first cycle and I don't have to worry about drug testing.

    I'm 6'3" and weigh 265, 24 years old

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    first of all test should be taken with every cycle. second you dont need juice to gain the amount of weight you want to gain, diet and training should take care of that. i would reccomend doing a test only cycle for your first to see how you react. like i said earlier, diet and training should hook you right up.

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    in some pu$$y
    500mg test e a week
    400mg deca a week
    sounds like you have your pct in line. make sure to throw in some b6 to help with the gyno

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    5-10 pounds of muscle is pretty tough for me to gain. I've been traing hard for a while and haven't really gained much. I also wanted to get rid of the fat i have and get a little faster. So test is the only way to go? Should I follow the novice cycle or does anyone have any advice on how long these should be taken.

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    200mg/deca for 4wks.? That will not be beneficial at all. Why is this posted in the football forum by the way? If you have any possibility of getting tested deca is NOT the way to go. It can be detected up to 18mos. after discontinuence. Now if you are not being tested I would say run at least 400mgs./wk. for at least 8 weeks.

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    i wouldnt reccomend deca cause of drug testing bro

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    1. check your diet, i'm sure that is way off

    2. don't have enough deca to run anyways (needs to be ran like 9-10+ weeks)

    3. if you get tested for football, say goodbye to your football career as deca is detectable up to 18 months

    4. if you want to run deca, and there is no way talking you out of it, get some test

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