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    Does anyone here play Lacrosse???

    I am transfering from a division 3 to division 1 school, and will be playing on their lacrosse team spring of 2006. The problem is, the D1 team's scouts will be watching our team play in late May and early-mid June, and i need to improve on a few things. Specifically:

    Improve my 40 from a 4.9 to around a 4.7
    Improve my 20 from a 2.9 to around a 2.6
    Go from 165 pounds @around 13% bodyfat to 185 @ maybe 8-9%

    I will be continuing a lifting program, which our school sponsors. Specifically it is the 'Bigger Faster Stronger' program, with the first set of each exercise having 8 reps, and the second set going to failure. The program incorporates bench press, squats, deadlifts, RDL's, power clean, and jammer press. I can adjust the reps to my taste, but i must incorporate all of the lifts named.

    In need of better performance, i have toyed with the idea of steroids , but i have no idea where to start...which ones to take, how much. I was originally excited about Dianabol , but the more i read about it, the more i am discouraged due to its side effects and rapid loss of gains.

    Essentially, i am looking for a plan that will help me achieve my goals, hopefully withing 8 weeks or so (more time is fine, but that's a general guideline), and be as kind to my body as possible while having the ability to keep gains. What do you guys (and girls, perhaps) recommend?

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    sounds familiar........bigger faster stronger

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