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    testing in juniorcollege?

    i heard a rumor that the ncaa is testing junior college players... any1 hear anything??

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    the njcaa tests for it in junior college but all the time i spent at a JC never once was anyone tested

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    na a lot of people roid up like crazy in JC. i am not sure how often they test, but its not much.

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    i play d3 football and they never test. inless you make it to the national championship your most likely not even gonna see a piss cup

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    they dont test in juco unless they have a reason too, you should be ok just keep it on the down low, and dont let any rumors get started about you. I played juco lacrosse, played in the national championship, and nobody on my team ever got tested

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    Dude, there is no doubt some of the guys on my JC team juice. They are freakish looking. I was watching our baseball team once and even the third base coach was jacked. Like why the hell does a third base coach need to be jacked, so he doesn't get tired relaying the signs?

    In any case, I have never heard of anyone at my JC being tested, way too expensive for those schools.

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