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    Question Football Players and DECCA

    Im a division III quarterback I have problems with tendinitis and old injuries. I have had 4 surgeries, I understand that DECCA would be the best for my situation. I risk the chance of being drug tested. I have just finished a cycle of sust. And two cycles of eq. Now lest guys lets consider my options say I have a 30% chance of getting tested. If I do get tested then I could have someone else piss for me, hide it keep It warm and then turn it in. WOULD YOU DO DECCA THEN? I have great totals, YES but it’s the recovery time! I have tendinitis so bad in my knee its hard to work out at the pace I need to be competitive. Thanks for all the info so far, need more.

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    deCa , with one "c," COULD help with ur tendonitis, but if its as severe as u say then it might not do as much as u think...

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    Gettin lean wit it...
    Deca is a very bad idea. It will bloat you, it is not usually used for lean gains. Also it's an 18 month detection time. Just stay away from it. If you have tendonites, then see a doc. As far as juice goes. Test prop and anavar are an incredible combination, and their detection times are very short.

    Oh yea, if the NCAA tests you, then they watch you piss while your bucked naked. i.e. no way around it.
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    yep what he said, but also i didnt even think the ncaa tested d3 ball though maybe ur school does though

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    Keep those hand warmers handy..............1/2 hour before your test, open one or two up squeeze it till it gets hot, wrap it/them around the bottle, it will be at or very close to normal body temp........................also, I think someone advertised something the cleans, not masks anything in your system, in like 4-5 days or something. There is also a deca test, but its like a 2 weeker.


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