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    Thumbs up Beat this cycle Football Players!

    Alright Beat this cycle for a football player!!
    Test Prop 75mg-100mg every day
    Anavar 30mg ed
    Adequan 200mg every 4 days
    12 weeks to 16 weeks
    pct at the mid way through the cycle until the end
    I want speed, agility, low body fat, look like brad pitt in troy...ha, I added the Adequan because I have bad joints and 4 surgeries to overcome. Let me know!!! you P.S. does anyone no how long Adequan stays in your system theres a 30% chance i may get drug tested in sept. or oct.
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    -Your PCT does not start while you are on the cycle. Hence the name POST Cycle Therapy .

    -When you say anadriol, do you mean andriol or anadrol ? No point in adding either in there anyways. Also the dosages should be the same throughout your cycle.

    -That anavar dosage should be more, you won't see much at 30mg. I suggest you use 50mg.

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