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    Arrow Former baseball player, now cancer survivor

    Hey guys,

    I have been reading the post on this web site for the last couple of years, but never have joined. I am a former college athlete (baseball) and a cancer survivor. Over the last few years I have let my body go to poop due to lack of motivation and laziness. I am not afraid to admit it, but I am down right lazy at times.

    I had a very successful college career in baseball and was even drafted to play pro ball after my junior year in college at a Div. I school. I decided not to go pro because I wanted to finish my education and go to medical school to be a doctor. Midway through my senior year of college, I was diagnosed with cancer. This was during the fall semester/spring semester break. The previous year I tore the labrum in my shoulder.

    All during my treatment period, which just so happened to be my final year of playing ball, I made every baseball game except one. I did not play in all of them, but atleast I was there in spirit and on the bench. My body went through a lot of changes during this period of time. Before getting sick I was weighing 205 standing 6'1'' tall with less than 6% body fat. Right now I weigh 190 lbs. with somewhere between 15-20% body fat.

    Every day I look in the mirror, I ask myself, "how did I let myself get like this." My body is by no means really bad off, but comparing to what I used to be like, in my mind it is. I do not like what I see!

    The main reason why I am not in the gym as much now is the fact that I am not as motivated as I was when I play ball and due to the fact of my crazy work schedule. I work from 7:30 pm to 3:45 am Friday - Tuesday. I am off on Wednesdays and Thursdays. With this work schedule it is really tough to get in the gym and even tougher to find a work out partner.

    Even though I have been able to motivate 100s of others, the one person that I can not motivate is myself at the moment in my life. I am asking that any of you that can help lift me up, please do so. I really need your help right now.

    I have never done 'roids' and really want to stay natural, but I have to turn to you guys to help me because I have no other resources to go to. Please help me return to what I used to be and better. I want to look in the mirror and smile because I like what I see. I used to be able to do that, now I can't.

    Your help is greatly appreciated...Please pass my story on to anyone that can email address is if anyone wants to email me.

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    feel for ya bro

    I have been playing minor league baseball now for 4 years and had two great years and then had tommy john surgery and after the surg. came back even better and then just recently a nother block in the road hit me and i just had small labrum and little rotator cuff surgery done. its been tough as hell for me just as it has been for you. i am not going to give up though they said i should be back in 9 months so hopefully that will happen. i know what you mean about it being like a family because thats exact. at what it is. anyway i read your posting and i hope you get that medical degree asap. we need good docs around. i admire your concerns about your body and things and if your going to take a steroid i would take anavar just because you do not bulk up and it is great at building strenght and collagen. i have heard great things about it plus its out of your system pretty quick. and how the way i have motavated my self through all the set backs i have had is to stay positive and try to stay around the game of baseball as much as possible even if it is going to watch high school kids. its helped me quite a bit. just stay positive man god deals us all kinds of things in life. yours maybe to be the best doctor any how man keep in touch and good luck i will keep you up to date on my injurie progress.

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