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Thread: Need HELP!!

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    Cool Need HELP!!

    im Looking to put on a lot of mass im 20 years old 189 pounds 6'2..i have a hard time gainning weight i have been taking creatine, and whey protein just started taking weight gainner. I have taken 19-andro for for a short time saw some results thinking taking HGH not sure which one works the best or if that is is the right direction to go in. i want want BIGGER results then pro-hormones looking to put on a lot of mass get around 200 if thats possibile.. If anyone could help me out i would appreicate it Thanks!!

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    well bro, if u are lookin for advise on a cycle to take. a good first cycle is Test E or C at 500mgs/wk for 10-12 weeks, then followed up with proper pct. if u are lookin for cycle advise then u might wanna try the "steriod Questions" forum

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