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Thread: my endurence

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    Post my endurence

    what would be a good cycle for me to run to help build up my endurance. plus put on some muscle and strenth. i was planning on running tren ace with prop, untell i read hookers tren ace profile, that said tren would be a poor choice for athletes that need endurence. what do you think would be a good cycle for me to run. keep in mind that i cant have very much water retention, if any, ie endurence. thanks for the feedback.

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    Nothing will positively effect your endurance other than running. Chances are that if you run any AAS, your endurance will decrease unless you properly train, but even then you will probably lose some endurance. Your best bet would be prop and var and depending on how often you get tested or if you get tested, a different non-aromatizing compound.

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    your endurance will suffer if you gain muscle mass on as. the physiological changes are too quick for your body to keep up. also clen is gonna make you cramp up and slow you down that way. i just finished my first tren ace cycle and used clen as well. gained about 10lbs of muscle in 6 weeks. went from running 5-5.20 min miles any day of the week and 19 min 5ks, to struggling to finish a 4mi jog. i was freaking out! my lungs weren't working much harder but my bp tests were throught the roof (and i've always been on the low side) and i simply could not lift my legs correctly. a buddy asked me what was wrong with my stride. maybe try winstrol and anavar are worth trying if you can afford it. i'm gonna start oral turinabol in two weeks. my problem may have been that i totally cut out running from my workouts to concentrate on wieghts. also don't neglect stretching, very important.

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