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    Question Questions about 3 mile training

    So, I jog about 3miles once a week, every week. In between, I'll run a mile, three times a week, every week.
    This friend of mine is a sea bee. Says he needs to run a 1.5mile in x amount of time to get a good mark. Going to Iraq soon. Wants to lean out. 6'1" at 223lbs of probably 15-20%BF. Should he just jog the 3 miles 3xper week? The last month, he's been doing it on a tread mill. Yet the last time I took him out for a real run, he only lasted 26minutes before getting a cramp. I told him he needed to stretch before hand, but he blew me off. Then he blamed it on me not running as fast as his normal pace. Maybe it was the heat, maybe he just needs to eat a banana before a run. It was about 90ºF when this happend. I tried to get him to come out at 8am on an empty stomach. By the time we left my house, it was already about 8:45am. Maybe it was already to hot for him, since he's used to an air conditioned tread mill run.

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    first thing get your friend off the tredmill other than burning fat and helping you to stay in shape it doesnt help alot with your performance. plenty of water stretching and a multivitamine ed should take care of the heat and cramping. it sounds like your friend is just out of shape if your in better shape than him start him off with one mile that way you wont get burnt out trying to help him along. and gradually build up running performance is best aquired by consistancy every other day to start no matter what the pain if hes stretching before and after and at least once a day the pain sholdnt be that bad. sounds like your just gonna have to whup his a55 into shape marine corp style. make him wish he was dead!

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    that damn 3 miles never gets any easier for me i agree stay off the treadmill, start out short and slow. the hardest part of running is consistancy. just keep your friend motovated after a couple weeks he will see a diff. RAH!

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    If you're running on a treadmill you should atleast be running on a 3% incline. In terms of running outside, nothing beats it for shedding the bodyweight down. Tell him to run outside but slowly build up. Try to aim to add in 250 meters extra every run and in a week he's added almost half a mile to his overall run if he runs 4x. Before you know it, he'll be hitting the 6 mile mark.

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    Just tell him to quit the excusses and suck it up on the run and do it, running is all mind.

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    i been doing a boot camp style routine-

    week 1&2 2 miles MWF

    week 3 no running

    week4 3miles MWF ( I hit the wall on wed)
    couldnt finish the 3 miles i only did 2

    next week 4 i have to increase to M 3miles, W 4 miles, F 3 miles

    week 5&6 i have to increase to 4 days a week

    my problem is shin splints.... My legs cant handle the im doing this on the treadmill!!!!!

    I have to kee4p increasing.. i have boot camp in september and i need to run 5miles a day

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    any suggestions

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    Scroll down, there are some very good programs for middle distance running.

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    great post darkness.

    yah, the 3mi run is always tough.

    Interval training helps alot. jog at your normal pace for .25mi, then sprint for .25 mi. do this for a mi, then work your way up. do some hill training, too, uses different muscles.

    stay off the treadmill, that will only hurt you.


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    fart leik training is very good to help on the run also. In case you dont know what it is, you run the length of a telephone pole than sprint the next telephone and do this at 3 miles.

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    Actually it's spelled fartlek, it's Swedish for speed play. You're right it works and it breaks up the momotony of running.

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