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Thread: Team Testing

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    in my house...

    Team Testing

    My college is having its tests on its first day of practice, aug 11th. a thursday

    it includes:
    -front squat
    -incline bench
    -power clean
    -pro agility
    -vertical jump
    -box drill

    now.. I would usually lift on that monday and tuesday. Should I skip those lifting days to perform better on the tests??..and any tips for the tests.

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    id still lift and run this week, but not as hard as you usually do,when my team tested i didnt work out for 2 weeks b/c i was hurt, but our team tested 1 week, lifted easy tha next week w/o doing any of tha lifts they would test and then tha next week we tested, i threw up 325 on bench and tha most id ever put on was 300 so i tested pretty good

    edit: but damn bro yall do all them test on one day? lol we did 9 tests in a week, not one day

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    I would take those days off, maybe do some light running. Get your muscles completely recovered.

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