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    power cleans for hockey

    are doing speed excersises like power cleans and such good for hockey and if so when should i do them in my 5 day spilt....monday-chest, tues-back, wed-legs, thrus-sholders, friday-arms...should i do a speed based power workout on sat....which includes the power cleans...and other sprinter excerises

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    Power cleans are good for any athlete. Hard to determine exactly where to put them since they are a total body movement. This is why I don't like bodybuilding type routines for athletes (splitting body parts) unless there is a definite reason for it.

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    Hey man, my workout schedule is almost identical to yours. I work Chest/Tris -Monday, Back/Bi's Tues, Legs/Wed, Arms Thurs, and Shoulders/Fri. If i dont have a game on Saturday i will do cleans and deads on that day, but if i do, i will do them on sunday instead and my body seems to have full time to recover. Sometimes i do my cleans the same day i do my shoulders. I have just recently got really into deadlifts and cleans, and i find that it is helping me a ton in hockey with my core strength. It will make you a lot more solid and hard to move around.

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