I'm going to be playing semi-pro football next season(team meetings start in Jan. and practices in March or April depending on scheduling with the fields being used). I use to play DT and special teams. I'm looking to long snap, play d-line, and kick return coverage or possibly cut some weight and long snap, play fullback, and linebacker. I've been pretty serious in the gym off and on for about 5 years. Bench is weak(bad shoulder), squat 300x50(never maxed), deadlift 300x50(never maxed), leg press 1,100x20. What I would be looking for in a possible cycle would be strength and lean mass. I would also be very interested in a speed training program for 40 speed. I understand the science behind weight manipulation and I've played with my weight several times. I've seen some test 300 - 500 mg, deca 200 - 400 mg or equipoise 400 mg/week, nolvadex (for possible gyno), and clomid for pct cycles that I'm interested in. Or a cycle(10 weeks) of test 300 - 500 mg, deca 200 - 400 mg, and d-bol 30 mg/day(again with nolvadex and clomid on hand for gyno and pct).

I was wondering what any of you thought of these cycles and if you had any training tips/workouts(I've noticed that a few are playing college ball). Any help is appreciated.

Oh yeah...I'm 26 and know the health risks involved.