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    building quick powerful hands

    what are some good ways to quicken hand speed and add power to punches besides speed bags, heavy bags and paddles

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    Lol, well, most guys have an exercise they do, maybe 3 times a week that can bulid could hand speed. HA

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    Yeah, like the good man above me said.....try masturbating a little bit more.lmao

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    If you have a lot of fast twitch muscle fibers you''ll be able to explode and build a very powerful punch. If you don't genetically have those attirubtes you'll have to work on the following:

    Practice proper form utilizing your hips to generate power

    Practice punching with proper form everyday - punching involves muscle memory and of course your brain has to signal your body to punch. The more often you punch with proper form the faster and more efficient your muscle movements and brain signalling to punch will be.

    train your lats and shoulder with resistance using short explosive movements.

    That's what I did to develop better power.

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