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    d2 drug testing question

    Hey I got a buddy who busted up his shoulder pretty good and we are in the playoffs for d2 now. He has been taking some vicodin to help with pain cuz it's been pretty bad. He is worried though about drug testing after games and if the NCAA tests for em. We have been all over and we could not find any pain killers or the chemical names on the banned substance lists. Anyone here know about this?

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    go to your coach or athletic director for the banned substance list, they should be happy to comply with you, if you think they might have a problem get a frosh to ask for ya!?! i couldn't find anything on the NCAA banned substances on the list, all i know is some cough medicines and caffeine show up on the piss tests, so it'd be important to know exactly if your stuff is banned or not!!!

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    I think you're ok as long as it is prescribed by a doctor. I know they hand out cortisone shots like they are candy, and they basically serve the same purpose.

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