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Thread: running

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    does anyone have any suggestions on a running fitness workout plan for the following cycle for someone that is in alright shape?
    10 weeks test 500 -- 250/mg Monday 250/mg Thursday
    8 weeks 50 mg Winstrol Tablets every day
    Post cycle therapy -- Clomid
    please let me know

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    in the gym
    just use the program that wharever your playing has.

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    I read this article about doing 20 seconds of a sprint, and then a 10 second rest, you repeat that for 4 minutes total time. so you sprint rest...sprint rest...sprint rest...for 4 minutes and that is spossed to work wonders on your body when juicing (especially w/ Test)... do it 3-4 times a week for 8 weeks is what was recommended. so that's my opinion... its called guerrilla training, i'm actually pretty sure i saw a link on here...

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