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    The most cardio you do!!

    Whatsup bros.
    I was wondering if protein is kept at 2g per pound and no AS being used, and bf is at 15% what is the MAXIMUM amount of cardio I can do without comprimising muscle. So far I havent lost an ounce, and Ive dieted my fat ass down from 25% from slacking off on the see food diet, see food and you eat it...(hey at least it was the good kind).
    So, back into athlete mode, and taking into account im naturally muscular with very little ability to be catabolic at high bf%entages, how much cardio can i do. And at what percent does cardio start being more catabolic...

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    with metal plates...
    best if you can keep it between 60-75% ..more,and you will risk burning muscle glycogen..

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